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Our Story

Passion for Beauty

Hi all, we're a couple based in Seoul and here to share our passion for beauty industry. 

With experiences living abroad for 10+ years in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore and London, we have met many friends from various countries with a lot of questions on Korean beauty industry which includes:

  • What do Koreans actually use? 

  • Do Koreans have tips on skincare routine?

  • Where can I buy Korean products?

  • How do I know which products suit me best? 

So, we are here. We will share all about most up-to-date information on skin care products Koreans "actually" use including the brands that do not much appear in media overseas, let you know Koreans' skincare routine tips, and help you find and choose the right products. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

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