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Our Story

How we started?

Hi all, we're a couple based in the heart of Seoul, Korea.

Having spent over a decade living in diverse cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, and London, we have met countless friends from around the world with a lot of questions on Korean beauty industry which includes:

  • What skincare products do Koreans actually use? 

  • Are there any insider skincare tips from Korea? 

  • Where can I buy authentic Korean beauty products?

  • How can I determine which products are best for my skin? 

Inspired by both growing recognition of Korea's beauty practices abroad and Korea's rich heritage in both cutting-edge skincare technology, we envisioned a platform that bridges these worlds. We hope to share latests insights into skincare products that Koreans "actually" use including the lesser-known brands rarely featured in the international media. We also aim to share effective Korean skincare routines and help you discover and select products that truly suit your needs.

New Journey - Nurturing Inner & Outer Beauty

We have come to a profound realization: true beauty is a harmony of the inner spirit and outer self. Beauty isn’t just about what we put on our skin. It’s also about how we feel inside! With all the pressures and stress we face daily, fostering both inner and outer beauty is more important than ever.


Our approach goes beyond superficial aesthetics, focusing instead on fostering self-love, health, and well-being. 

So here we are, not just a beauty company, a movement dedicated to redefining beauty standards and nurturing the whole self, believing that beauty resonates from the inside out and throughout our daily life style as a whole - Beauty In One!

Join our journey of embracing both inner & outer beauty and maintaining holistic well-being!

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